Call for Papers

The 2025 Conference on Health and Survey Research Methods (HSRMC) call for papers is now open. Seeking abstracts for papers to be presented at the conference, including: general overview papers that summarize and integrate current knowledge, papers that identify and address future research challenges, innovative theoretical essays, and other papers that describe new empirical research that advances the field of survey methods and their application to health-related issues.


The Twelfth Conference on Health Survey Research Methods (HSRMC) will continue the series that began in 1975 to discuss innovative survey research methods that improve the quality of health survey data. The HSRMC will bring together researchers from various disciplines who are at the forefront of survey methods research, who are responsible for the design, implementation and analysis of major health surveys, and who use survey data to develop health policy.

Past Proceedings

Proceedings for each HSRM conference have been published since the first conference in 1975 and are available to view or download. For the Eleventh conference we have provided a summary of events and a link to the program to view all presentations and rapporteur notes.


Williamsburg VA will be the site for the Health Survey Research Methods Conference in March 2025. It marks the third time Williamsburg hosted the event in its 50-year history.   Just a short walk from the historic district, the Williamsburg Lodge offers many amenities and provides several on-site venues for conference attendees to meet informally or just relax.

Conference attendance will be limited to approximately 70 invited individuals who present papers, chair sessions, discuss presentations and the state of knowledge in specific areas, and serve as rapporteurs.  

The steering committee is working with journals, including Survey Practice and Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy (RSAP) for the dissemination of select papers presented at the conference. 

Wednesday, March 5 – Saturday, March 8, 2025
Banquet Room